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iResearch Reporter

iResearch Reporter is a service of Power Text Solutions located in Boston, MA. We offer multiple proprietary text analysis solutions developed over three decades for individuals, students, professors, journalists and authors. Power Text Solutions also provides services to organizations and businesses who need a better way to process and organize ever growing mountains of data.

iResearch Reporter is easy to use, providing a quick overview of topics, including breaking news. We bring the power of text processing to bear to bend the learning curve in your favor.

Additional Services

  • Specialized & advanced text mining systems
  • Custom professional information retrieval solutions

How It Works

  • As if a trusted colleague did a web search for you, read & analyzed 50-100 relevant documents, and briefed you about everything important

Value Added

  • Huge research time and labor savings
  • Accurate, objective view of Big Picture
  • Never miss anything important

We Provide

  • Selection of links to most valuable sources
  • Outline of key themes
  • Organized, readable & complete overview