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iResearch Reporter System allows you to quickly and easily analyze online sources or local documents and get informative report on virtually any subject.

The service supports multiple ways of customization, including automatic bulk submission of searches, API-access, web site generation and filling it with textual content plus relevant images, etc.

Whether you’re a creative individual looking for ways to power up your professional research and writing experience, or your corporate business is involved in information analysis and content management, Power Text Solutions’ technology is ready to offer exactly what you need. With many years background in academic research and building real-life applications, we are able to provide an innovative and potent approach to multi-document summarization and text mining, namely the iResearch Reporter System (iRR).

IRR is currently available in two flavors. The first is a subscription-based service for individual information professionals, running online research or analyzing offline document collections – journalists, professors, researchers of all kinds, students and the like. On the other hand, we offer a content building and management solutions aimed at business entities struggling with information overload, website owners, analyst & research groups in different areas and more.

Custom Solutions For Business Owners

Our flagship product for business owners is iResearch-Reporter Semantic Content Management (iRR-SCM). This is an all-in-one SCM solution for your corporate textual content. With iRR-SCM, you gain multi-level access to your information resources. This system allows you to reorganize your content on-the-fly by viewing it from different angles and momentarily switching focus from the “bird’s eye” view to the smallest “needles” in the “haystack” of your data.

Unlike other content management solutions, iRR-SCM primarily focuses not on indexing entire documents but on indexing “snippets” (text passages) the smallest self-contained pieces of information. These text passages are derived from whole documents in the process of multi-document summarization. The content snippets are arranged meaningfully inside different types of iRR reports, thus comprising a second level of iRR-SCM access to your information.

Each report provides an intuitive break-down into sections and is enabled with the so called ‘drill-down’ feature. The latter allows narrowing your focus by just selecting a combination of key terms – thus filtering the output collection of snippets on-the-fly. This way, the “snippets” and “report” tiers can be easily crossed-over (switched). In addition, iRR-SCM offers you another, third, level of information management via supporting live filtering of reports by user-defined categories and automatically identifying top concepts (key terms).

With the above said, iRR-SCM establishes itself as a tool for building personalized information summarization reports while always providing links to the original source documents. For every selection of snippets, report or reports group, you get the fourth tier of iRR-SCM content management output, i.e. a selection of original documents ranked by relevance to your search criteria. Note also that from every snippet you can get access to its direct surrounding text inside the original source. This way, again, all four levels of iRR-SCM are interrelated and can be viewed live.

How iRR-SCM Can Help Your Business

  • iRR-SCM can be applied to business needs by providing multi-angled live access to your offline collections of textual data (documents, emails, database sources, etc). Our tools make it easy to compile concise and pertinent summaries of your research topic in seconds. Even a tiny snippet of valuable information won’t skip your attention if, for example, it’s “hidden” inside a largely off-topic document. Our tools can support collaboration, information sharing and otherwise be adjusted to your workflow in every possible way.
  • iRR-SCM provides easy access to endless online resources (databases, Search Engines (SE). The system can be setup to automatically run queued threads of searches. You can preconfigure it to apply your custom lists of URLs, queries and other processing settings. This way, the system provides your business analysts or other expert teams with up-to-date daily information.
  • If you’re running a website, you might be hungry for fresh quality content to populate its pages, updating them regularly and in a SEO-friendly way. To achieve this, you won’t even have to manage the iRR-SCM system yourself. It will build and continuously refresh content focused on your website’s topics.
  • The automatically generated articles will be streamed to your website(s), attracting visitors with a built-in intuitive approach to narrow-focus (drill-down) the lengthy articles on-the-fly. Our content delivery involves the most up-to-date software techniques, allowing you to adjust the content’s ‘look-and-feel’ very easily so it will seamlessly integrate into your existing website.
  • Site owners can easily configure their content request to our system by specifying the topic area, context, processing mode, data sources, etc. To see a sample iRR-SCM content delivery and management solution for websites, please visit iresearch-reporter.net.

 Our technology used by Department of Homeland Security since 2006!


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  • As if a trusted colleague did a web search for you, read & analyzed 50-100 relevant documents, and briefed you about everything important

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